As a First Time Mum New Mum, Can You Relate....

You've had a very much wanted baby. But in becoming a mother, you’ve had some surprises:

✔️ You expected to enjoy motherhood a whole lot more.

✔️ You didn’t expect to feel overwhelmed, have days where it all feels a bit much, or other difficult experiences.

✔️ You do a great job making sure your baby's needs are met, but struggle to find the time to eat or shower yourself (not to mention get enough sleep, right?!).

✔️ Since you’ve become a mum, you just can’t seem to achieve anything in a day.

✔️ Other mothers seem to have it all together- How? And part of you is too afraid to ask, because what if it's just you who isn’t on top of it?

✔️ Maybe you’ve even tried to access therapy to help you cope better, only to find that there’s a long wait.

Or Maybe You’re Pregnant, and:

✔️ It seems like there’s a lot of information available about birth and some practicalities of parenting (like how to swaddle or bathe your baby), but you feel unprepared for motherhood itself.

✔️ You might be feeling apprehensive about becoming a mother- how can you possibly prepare or know what to expect??!

✔️ You feel concerned by the idea of not knowing what to do once baby arrives, or by trying to get motherhood ‘right’.

✔️ You'd like to feel emotionally, practically, and psychologically prepared to become a mother and start this new phase of your life well.


Transitioning to Motherhood: 6 Steps for New Mums to Thrive

This program will:

  • Prepare you for the realities of motherhood- so that you don't have to learn everything the hard way and can hit the ground running!

  • Help you cope with motherhood- so that mumlife is easier for you and you don't have to struggle longer than necessary.

  • Build your physical, emotional, family, and social wellbeing after birth - because you matter too. And, being in the best shape you can be allows you to be the best mother you can be.

  • Develop confidence in yourself as a mother, so that you grow and flourish in your new role.

Hi, I'm Emma.

I'm an experienced Clinical and Perinatal Psychologist. I'm an approved supervising psychologist, a member of the Australian Psychological Society, and a fellow of the College of Clinical Psychology. I'm passionate about women's wellbeing, and have spent my career focusing on this.

I live in Townsville and love the tropical weather- I rarely run the air-conditioning!

I'm a mum of 2 young boys and know first hand that it can be challenging to become a mother.

I love working with women as they become mothers. It is a really vulnerable time for women, and having good support is really important.

I developed this course so I could try and reach as many mums as possible giving them the same opportunities for support as my individual clients. It’s my way of trying to support expecting, new, or returning mums in a new and creative way.

As Seen In:

What's Included:

Video Lessons

There are 6 full modules with over 20 video lessons for you to interact with. Most videos are under 10 minutes so they are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Course Handbook

This 27 page course handbook has a multitude of resources for you as you move through the materials. You can print it out, take notes, and refer back to it time and time again.

Audio Files

Like a podcast, there is an audio only option for each of the lessons, so you can listen while you are on the go!

Here's a Breakdown of the Modules:

Module 1: Motherhood Expectations

  • Know what to expect as you become a mother- this can save you a lot of heartache and worry.
  • Learn about common motherhood myths, how these make you unhappy, and how to move beyond them.
  • Reflect on your expectations of motherhood.
  • Learn about normal postpartum experiences vs postnatal distress- so you'll know when to seek help if things aren't quite right.

Module 2: Physical Wellbeing

  • Taking care of your body takes care of your mind and emotions.
  • Gain creative ways to care for yourself whilst you care for your baby- yes, you can have time to eat and gain more sleep.

(And no, it is NOT about ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ or overlooking your baby's needs to prioritise yourself; it’s about learning how to care for both of you, creatively and effectively).

Module 3: Building Support

  • Mums need villages of support; this can make the difference between a stressed mum and a supported mum (even if it is uncomfortable for you to allow others in at first).
  • Overcome your barriers to accepting help.
  • Learn HOW to start accepting and building your village.

Module 4: Building Resilience

  • Manage the stresses of motherhood.
  • Improve coping.
  • Manage worries about being a good enough mother.
  • Manage difficult feelings like stress and mum guilt.
  • Increase positive feelings in your daily life.

Module 5: Building Connection

  • Bond with your baby- even if you're already bonding well. These skills set the two of you up for a lifetime.
  • Navigate the relationship changes with your significant other... because the going is often tough after baby arrives.

Module 6: Finding Your Own Way As a Mother

  • Find your own way as a mother and grow your confidence in yourself.
  • Step back from comparing yourself to other mums.
  • Manage unwanted advice from others.
  • Develop your caregiving style and confidence.

Enrol today for just $249!

The course is valued at $1332, or six sessions with Dr Emma Black.

What is all yours for this price:
Six modules on motherhood topics essential for new mums.
Access to evidence-based, quality psychological skills that have been used
with many mums before.
Video and audio files- so that you can access the content in the best way for you.
A 27 page course handbook with psychological skills to guide you into motherhood.
Explanations of relevant, recent research in understandable terms- and how you
can use these findings in your own mothering role.
Access via any device with internet connection. And if you have an apple device,
teachable even has an app!
And, lifetime access to the course.
But most importantly... The opportunity to become a happier,
flexible, and more confident mother.

You are so worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions


New mum, expecting mum, struggling mum, or veteran mum alike - this course is for you if you're ready to level up your self-care, manage stress, and take some time for YOU, so that you are the best mum you can be.


Yes!! What a great way to prepare for motherhood.

Getting across the content before baby means you’ll be more likely to hit the ground running when they are here. And, you get lifetime access to the content- so you can return back to it whenever you need.


How does the lifetime of the course sound? You'll get lifetime access to the course for as long as it runs. 


Aah yes, having a baby. The times where it’s hard to shower, get dressed, or have a warm cuppa- let alone fit anything else in.

Even if you’re stretched thin- you can do this course. First of all, it’s accessible. You can listen to the audio files whilst you’re feeding your baby, or taking them for a walk.

Secondly, it’s in small pieces. Most lessons are under 10 minutes. There’s room to watch a lesson after baby goes to bed (before you crash!), or to watch if someone else tends to baby for a few minutes. Or maybe you listen to a lesson over dinner, or an audio file whilst you're taking baby for a walk. You can do this!


This program is self-paced - so you could go through the materials in as little as a day, a week, or a month! Since you'll have lifetime access to the course and materials, you'll be able to move at your own pace and return to the course when it suits you.


If you have an iphone or ipad, then yes! You can download the teachable app for free here.


No, this is not a course on how to parent or care for your baby well. This course is about supporting your development into motherhood, so that you can:

  • Care for yourself and baby at the same time
  • Develop YOUR caregiving style
  • Manage the stresses of motherhood
  • Become more flexible and confident with how you approach motherhood


Motherhood is a time when finances can become a concern- and I've been there too.

Many, many months went into researching, writing, filming, and editing this course, on top of years of study and experience. I took time away from my family and paid work to be able to create this course. There are also significant (hidden) expenses that go into creating an online course.

I have brought you the best of research, clinical work, and experience to empower your wellbeing in motherhood. On top of this, you have lifetime access to the materials. So the better question may well be:

Why is it only $249?

It is a lot cheaper than seeing me for therapy, that’s for sure! And, there is nothing else out there quite like this program.

And here’s the thing: You matter. You are important. You are worth an investment in your wellbeing. 


We don’t want you to be unhappy! You are welcome to contact us with any questions before purchasing this course at [email protected].

If you purchase the course and aren’t happy, contact us within the first week after purchase to receive a refund.