As a clinical psychologist, I've spent years supporting women through many difficulties. I've seen the common issues that women tend to face. I've helped many women navigate these difficulties. This is where I bring you my expertise.

Learn from the many women who have come before you. Learn from a psychologist who has listened, researched, and helped many women over the years. Learn from the science of psychology.

Online psychology courses with video, audio, and workbook teaching to help you:

Find your way forward.

Feel and become empowered.

Take control of your wellbeing.

Hi, I’m Dr Emma Black.

Clinical Psychologist.

Approved supervising psychologist.

Published author in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Passionate supporter of women.

Mum of two.


In recent times, my work became really busy - to the point where people were waiting extended periods to see me, or not able to get in at all. I felt for these people, and I particularly missed working with women as they became mothers. This was when I decided to create an online course, to reach women in a new and creative way. It's how I'm trying to support women and fulfil my passion for this, when I can only see a limited number of people in therapy.

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